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Havasu Canyon is an unearthly wonder and the ultimate natural water park playground. Named after the Havasupai tribe, whose name translates to people of blue-green water, this destination is home to five incredible waterfalls, one of which is routinely listed in the top ten best waterfalls in the US -- Havasupai Falls. Join National Geographic photographer, Ralph Lee Hopkins as he returns to Arizona to lead a fall photo adventure into one of the most beautiful locations in the Grand Canyon. Considered the "Shangri-la of the Southwest", this canyon gorge is bathed in turquoise waters that cascades into travertine pools. The graceful willows and lofty cottonwoods provide abundant shade and the lush greenery beneath the towering sandstone cliffs provides the perfect backdrop for amazing images. Hopkins, with his extensive background in geology and photography of the Grand Canyon, will treat you to a memorial five day photographic immersion of beauty and science. Upon arrival into the Supai Village by helicopter, we will grab our camera gear and water shoes and begin our easy two mile hike to our campsite. Along the way we will enjoy our first of many refreshing waterfalls and travertine pools with stops at Navajo Falls and Fifty-Foot Falls. Under Hopkins keen guidance, he will show you how to create stunning images with reflections and milky smooth water. Throughout our week you will experience the adrenalin rush of climbing down Mooney Falls, photograph Havasupai Falls from above and below, embark on numerous stream crossings and explore Carbonite Canyon and an old ore mine to bring home amazing shots. And if you want to really push your endurance, you can climb down Mooney Falls a second time and hike to Beaver Creek, a three mile hike one-way where the emerald green waters descend over multiple travertine steps and waterfalls. Our seasoned guides and outfitters will make the week complete providing a well stocked campsite, delicious meals and comfortable camping accommodations. Don't miss an opportunity to experience this "must do" workshop with internationally acclaimed, Ralph Lee Hopkins.