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There's a reason that New Mexico is called The Land of Enchantment. From its rich culture to scenic landscapes, the state offers a wealth of photographic opportunity, where some of the world's most extraordinary natural wonders await. Situated in the world's largest gypsum dune field, White Sands National Monument stands as a testament to one of the most magical places in the Southwest. Its gleaming white dunes continually change as the wind forms ripples, curved dunes and unique patterns that make stunning subjects for the camera. Under a wide sky, light and shadows play across the landscape, where a variety of plants and animals have adapted to the environment. Curious white lizards scurry across the sand, leaving a line of tracks near the stark yuccas and other plants that punctuate the desert. At sunrise and twilight, the dunes take on a pink glow and more pronounced patterns emerge as shadows lengthen. We will be out on the dunes in time for sunrise and have special permission to be out after sunset to capture the dunes while a little sunset light is available to make striking images.