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Get access to one of the most unique landscapes in North America to photograph strange and interesting rock formations when Arizona Highways Photo Workshops takes you to the hidden gem known as White Pocket. On the Paria Plateau in Northern Arizona, hidden within the desert expanse of the Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs National Monument near the Arizona/Utah border sits a little known but magical spot called White Pocket. Secluded past 30 miles of rough and rugged routes and sandy “roads” only marked by vague descriptions of arroyos and pinion pine trees, there lies a photographers paradise! The mind boggling and ludicrous rock formations of White Pocket will fill the senses (and memory cards) beyond your wildest imagination! Exploring the swirling, twisted, multicolored outcroppings is a photographic adventure that cannot be duplicated. The myriad of formations there have been described as looking like boiling cauliflower heads....brain rocks....Swirling caramel ice cream and giant oyster shells! From the complex there are the most incredible views all the way to Escalante, you can see so far over the plateau that you can even make out the pink cliffs of Bryce Canyon! A few years ago, White Pocket was relatively obscure, known only by local ranchers and a handful of adventurous photographers. Amazing images from this area have been featured in Arizona Highways Magazine as well as National Geographic and Photography guidebooks for the Southwest. Since then there has been a surge of interest and today, White Pocket is in the bucket list of every Photographer wanting to capture the unique magic of the Southwest. Our photographer, Suzanne Mathia has been photographing White Pocket and the surrounding areas for many years. She will show you all the classic formations and some “super secret” spots and vantage points. She will share with you formations called Lollipop Rock, ET, Star Wars, Whimsical Hill, Stegosaurus Ridge, Rock Garden, and the Alcove Hanging Garden as well as what Suzanne refers to as the Oyster Beds. They are so many places to explore, create amazing unique images and hone your photographic skills. Each morning, we will be up early to catch the first rays of light as they fill the complex with warm golden light. As we are only a few hundred feet from our camp area you can wander the complex to your hearts content. We will even learn to shoot in the potentially harsh light of midday concentrating on shape form and luminosity with the intent of converting to Black and White. We will watch the light change as the sun sets in the west and dips below the horizon, and the landscape takes on a subtle pastel tones of blues and pinks. After a hearty dinner, Suzanne will show you how to capture images of the night sky and do a little “Light Painting”. The remoteness of this area, its difficulty to find and the need for expert driving in high clearance 4WD vehicles makes this area inaccessible to most photographers. We have arranged for an expert local outfitter to transport us to White Pocket, set up our camp and provide us amazing home cooked meals, toilets, chairs and tables, campfires, tents and sleeping bags. All you need to worry about is creating amazing images and having fun!