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For all of Arizona’s beauty few places define it as well as Sedona. From its high desert terrain and lush canyons, to the majestic red rocks for which it is world-renowned, Sedona has it all. Join photographer Nathaniel Smalley this October as he leads participants in photographing the changing landscape as it embraces the arrival of autumn. We’ll start out our days greeting the sun’s first rays of light as they kiss the towering red rocks around us. Daily field sessions will take us along the banks of refreshing streams, beneath some of the region’s best rock formations and even deep into the heart of a beautiful canyon. Time will also be dedicated to grand vistas where we’ll capturing the sun as it sets and illuminates Sedona’s multi-hued stone formations in a magical display of color and light. Though the primary focus on this workshop will be landscapes, Sedona is home to a diverse collection birds of wildlife that include the Greater Roadrunner, Ringtail-cat, Javelina, and Mule Deer, just to name a few. Nathaniel will easily switch gears and assist workshop participants in photographing these subjects should the opportunity arise. During the day there will also be plenty of time for classroom instruction where you’ll be taught different techniques for capturing the fall color and creating a portfolio full of powerful images that you’ll be proud of. Ample time will be dedicated to post-processing with Lightroom and Photoshop. Your instructor will detail his processing workflow and help participants with any questions they may have about their own. Positive critique sessions will help you advance as a photographer and open new doors in your own creative process and thinking. Throughout the entire workshop Nathaniel will work alongside you, teaching you how to create successful photos, while also encouraging your own interpretation of the scene and individual artistic expression. Above all, Nathaniel focuses on creating an experience for you that will be educational, informative and enjoyable. It is his goal that you take away the knowledge to create compelling images and fond memories of time well spent. We invite you to join him in Sedona this fall and capture the beauty of the season.