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Unleash your creative MOJO.Its too hot outside to go shoot landscapes, or you’re just stuck in the house? Creativity need a boost – try some photography cross training. Exercise a few different photographic muscles. Open up your mind to new possibilities and let those creative juices flow! Take it inside Have fun while creating some unusual, interesting and imaginative new images. Learn and try out new techniques and skills. Take those images into Lightroom or Photoshop and really make them pop and discover some tips and tricks that you can use is all your photography. Inverting colors, adding gradients and blending modes. We will be working with oil and water; water droplets and reflections. The creative possibilities of photographing water drops and oil patterns are endless. Each one is as individual and original as a snowflake. It’s easy, fun and the results are mind-blowing. Any deliberate movement or change of background disrupts the water, creating endless interesting effects that can add a new angle to your photograph. After shooting a few frames, you will learn to understand the various permutations and be able to manage and control them, causing amazing effects. Suzanne will have simple set ups for each of these effects and you will be working hands on with each of them during the course of the day. You will be adding your own creative touches to the set ups with colored papers, fabrics and odds and ends. You will be easily able to recreate these setups at home and take your new found skills and creative inspiration as far as you want! You can bring a laptop to class if you wish to work on your images but Suzanne will be demonstrating post processing techniques that you can observe and there will be tutorials and hand outs for your to take home and refer to. Bring your camera, tripod, flash and laptop if you have them. You will be able to use your own equipment or just pop your memory card into the existing set up and fire away. All materials will be provided but you are welcome to bring interesting, papers, scarves, pictures or knick knacks that will add to the creative backgrounds. Suzanne will provide more information prior to the class.