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Join instructor Nathaniel Smalley for one of the greatest annual events on this continent, the spring song bird migration. Our destination is Magee Marsh, Ohio, also known as the songbird mecca for North America. This preserve in Ohio covers a vast area on the shores of Lake Erie featuring the perfect combination of marsh, wooded areas, meadows and open water, with a variety of fringe habitats that attracts songbirds by the thousands. These colorful, neo-tropical migrants (some from as far as South America) stop here to feed and rest up, awaiting the ideal weather conditions so that they can finish their journey across the vast expanse of Lake Erie up into Canada. Daily field sessions will take us through meadows and forests teeming with birds, to the edges of swamps and even to the shores of Lake Erie itself. During his last visit to Magee Marsh Nathaniel also photographed four different Screech Owls, Bald Eagles, Osprey, Swans and a variety of water and wading birds as well. Though the primary focus on this workshop will be birds, this region boasts some great sunrises and sunsets and is home to a variety of wildlife that include Red Fox, Porcupine and White-tailed Deer, just to name a few. Nathaniel will easily switch gears and assist workshop participants in photographing these subjects should the opportunity arise. During the day there will also be plenty of time for classroom instruction where you’ll be taught different techniques for capturing these songsters in their natural environment and creating a portfolio full of beautiful images that you’ll be proud of. Ample time will be dedicated to post-processing with Lightroom and Photoshop. Your instructor will detail his processing workflow and help participants with any questions they may have about their own. Positive critique sessions will help you advance as a photographer and open new doors in your own creative process and thinking. Throughout the entire workshop Nathaniel will work alongside you, teaching you how to create successful photos, while also encouraging your own interpretation of each subject and individual artistic expression. Above all, Nathaniel focuses on creating an experience for you that will be educational, informative and enjoyable. It is his goal that you take away the knowledge to create compelling images and fond memories of time well spent. We invite you to join him in Ohio this Spring to capture and experience the song bird migration, it is truly an unforgettable experience. You’ll return home with great memories, a beautiful, new splash of color in your portfolio and bird songs echoing in your ears. Equipment: Nathaniel recommends that you bring a tripod, your longest telephoto lens and any teleconverters for this workshop. Though there are no gear requirements, participants with a lens focal length of 300mm or greater will achieve the best results. A rain coat and/or umbrella is advisable in case of any passing showers we may encounter in the field. May is typically too early for the biting insects to have hatched, but insect repellent is worth having on this trip as a precaution.