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Of all the astonishing wilderness areas scultped by the Colorado River Plateau none surpasses the beauty and diversity of the landscapes that surround Lake Powell. With its' spectacular red rock towers and brilliant blue-green waters, we will photograph the large expanses of water, sky and geologic wonders. With houseboats serving as base camp we will have easy access to sites within Padre Bay, Pool Canyon and Twilight Canyon. The colorful crossbeds of sandstone will line our journey into various coves, canyons and natural bridges. This workshop will be led by one of Lake Powell's foremost authorities, photographer and geologist, Gary Ladd. A resident of Page for more than four decades, Gary has traversed this amazing landscape. Co-instructor, Suzanne Mathia will join Gary in guiding participants on this rare experience to capture hidden gems. With numerous explorations on Lake Powell, Suzanne brings her creative perspective of this region and will assist participants in capturing their vision. This small group workshop is for outdoor photographers who enjoy being immersed in nature and less concerned with the creature comforts of hotel accommodations. With limited sleeping quarters, this workshop will have a maximum of 6 participants per houseboat. Couples registering for this workshop will share a double bed in one of two stateroom(s) while single participants will sleep on bedding in common area. Experience Lake Powell from shoreline to shoreline and capture it's beauty with Gary and Suzanne.