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Journey to the “Shangri-La” of the Southwest, Havasu Canyon, The Land of Blue Green Waters. This legendary branch of the Grand Canyon contains Havasu, Navajo and Mooney Falls, three of the most beloved waterfalls in the American West and 2 new spectacular falls created in just the last few years. Nestled 3,000 feet deep in Havasu Canyon, the area is known around the world for its blue waters and spectacular water falls. Spring-fed, turquoise waters wander through islands of wavy, lush seep-willow and sculptured terraces of travertine. Havasu Creek, a year round stream with incredible aquamarine water flows by the Supai village and descends another 1,400 feet passing over five waterfalls, the highest being Mooney Falls. 100 foot Havasu Falls has a beautiful deep blue pool beneath, surrounded by thick green vegetation. Havasu Canyon with its tranquil, turquoise pools and hundreds of smaller waterfalls is an idyllic setting considered to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Major changes have occurred since August 2008 when a significant flash food swept through the canyon bypassing the old Navajo Falls, while creating two new falls. Ever changing...Nature takes its course and we are merely blessed and grateful observers. Havasupai is stunning as ever. Watercress-filled emerald pools abound in the new waterfalls, and the creek is deepening out below Havasu Falls. The first new major waterfall is being referred to as Upper Navajo Falls (New Navajo Falls). Located about 1 mile from the village of Supai, Upper Navajo Falls consists of has dense foliage at the top much like the original Navajo Falls. About an eighth of a mile downstream is the other new waterfall that mother nature created with her flood waters: Lower Navajo Falls (Rock Falls). We'll take a helicopter to the village and hike to the campground. Participants will have a chance to photograph the lush surroundings for several days, enjoying the best photographic opportunities this unique and beautiful desert canyon has to offer. You will have expert instruction from two award-winning Arizona Highways photographers, Suzanne Mathia and Derek von Briesen who have extensive experience photographing this iconic area and can help you create unique and memorable images. We will awaken in base camp, nestled along a stream, beneath towering cottonwood trees and adjacent to these enormous waterfalls. You will find fresh brewed coffee and a hearty breakfast waiting in the camp kitchen. Your instructors will lead you on spectacular photo hikes each day crossing tropical blue streams, wading through lush meadows of wild grapevines and clambering up narrow side canyons with red rock walls towering thousands of feet overhead. You can even take a swim beside a 200 ft. waterfall or swing on a rope and drop into clear blue 20 ft. pools in the ultimate Grand Canyon water playground. Each day you will dine on healthy, hearty meals prepared by our experienced outfitters. Prepare yourself for a trip like no other, and an opportunity to commune with nature on a world class scale, advance your landscape photography skills and create indelible images.