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Join photographer and Lightroom/ Photoshop whiz, Suzanne Mathia for Lightroom 101- The Essentials: as she introduces you to the interface of this powerful image processing and digital asset management program that is designed to meet the needs of today’s digital photographers. Lightroom was designed from the ground up by photographers and exclusively for photographers. Lightroom separates your workflow into logical, individual modules and is designed to process large numbers of images quickly and efficiently, and lets you archive and retrieve your images in a flash!. She’ll show how to use its powerful modules to organize, manage your ever increasing collection of images. This class will introduce you to the tools that are in Lightroom 6 and provide inspiration and advice on how to get the most out of the program and your images. Suzanne offers tips and tricks on how to set up your various preferences and your computer to get the best results and put the FLOW into your digital workflow. Suzanne will explain the concepts of Digital Asset Management, Raw Processing, Color Management and non destructive processing. The course covers the basics of installing Lightroom, creating a catalog, importing, organizing and rating images with flags, stars, keywords, captions, location tags; and creating and working with collections and smart collections. This class will also cover how to export, email, and share photos, as well as Lightroom’s ability to work together with the full editing power of Photoshop. Lightroom 101- will help you understand what Lightroom is, how Lightroom works, How its different form Bridge or other image management software and familiarize you with the workspace. It will provide a solid introduction to the most often used and essential Lightroom workspace modules: The Library Module, where you’ll import, review, export,and organize your images. Topics include: · Customizing the interface · Importing from a memory card, camera or existing folders · Auto-importing from a watched folder · Explaining catalogs · Sorting, surveying and comparing multiple images in a library · Stacking photos in groups · Rotating and flipping images · Adding copyright data to photographs · Keywording · Creating and using presets · The magic of virtual copies · Collections, quick collections and smart collections · Adding watermarks · Sorting and finding any images