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Master the nuances of this powerful image-editing software. Whether you are using Photoshop CS, Elements or the new Photoshop CC. Bridge or Lightroom this class is for you. Are you still struggling to overcome the learning curve that comes with Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? Are you confused by all the books and tutorials. Have you dipped your toes into Photoshop but are still afraid of jumping in the deep end? By combining Photoshop or Elements with Camera Raw or Lightroom you can take full advantage of each program's incredible capabilities. In this class, photographer and Adobe Certified Expert, Suzanne Mathia will show you how to combine these various programs. Learn how to set up the programs for maximum compatibility. You will be working hands on with real world examples and practice files as well as your own images during the class. This program is designed for photographers . We will focus in on just what you need to know to bring out the best out of your images while retaining their natural look. Whether you've been using Photoshop for a little while or you're just getting started, this workshop is for you. Even experienced Photoshop users will learn new tools and techniques and creative approaches to image optimization. If there's one thing every Photoshop user needs to know, it's how to work with layers and masks. You will learn how to use this powerful feature from adding, copying and deleting layers to working with layer masks, adjustment layers and layer styles. Topics Include Photoshop and Lightroom/Camera Raw Workflow secrets Understanding and customizing your workspace What's new in Photoshop CC Camera Raw advanced techniques Actions – create your own Layers and Masks demystified Compositing made simple Curves HDR the natural way – Layer blending Simple selections – unlock the power Adding Text – Clipping Masks Magic of Layer styles and blending techniques Advanced cloning and healing techniques Content Aware The 3 stages of successful sharpening Color management and calibration Output – for web or Print