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Sculptured walls of sandstone carved over thousands of years remain one of Northern Arizona's most sought-after photographic attractions — slot canyons. Vivid tones of red, purple, amber and bronze create a kaleidoscope of color in the stone that was once a sandy seabed of an ancient ocean. When the sun hits the right spot in the sky, slender shafts of light penetrate these narrow canyons and bounce off the whorled rock walls. Our workshop leaders know the perfect times to capture these stone passages and subterranean chambers. You'll learn the exposure secrets and how to utilize the light to create striking images of these exciting and unique rock formations. The rocky plateau surrounding Lake Powell is the setting for this five-day workshop. The main locations are the region's serpentine slot canyons – Upper Antelope and Lower Antelope – that cut through a series of small chambers connected to larger amphitheaters. Also, we'll visit Secret Canyon where you'll discover keyholes, arches and curving walls shaped by wind and water. The compositions are endless. This workshop also includes a stop at Horseshoe Bend Overlook, one of the Colorado River's most breathtaking panoramas, and sunrise from Little Cut, with its long vistas and stone teepees. And it offers a wealth of other photographic opportunities, such as the stunning Vermilion Cliffs, Waterholes Canyon and the Paria Bluffs, where you'll capture images of the towering "hoodoos." Our expert instructors know how to use light and shadows to create dramatic images. Join them for a journey to this one-of-a-kind Arizona destination. Our students send us more top-rated photos from this workshop than any other, a testimony to our instructors and the inspiration of the canyons.