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The North Rim of The Grand Canyon offers a completely different experience than the South rim. The North Rim gets one-tenth of the visitors, and because it gets more precipitation than the South, the canyon walls are more eroded and sloping, making it easier to see the river below. Trails and vista points are not crowded, and best of all; the views are more expansive and unique. The Monsoon season at the rim is the most spectacular. The mornings are usually clear and we’ll have the opportunity to capture some amazing sunrises over the canyon. It is common to see grazing buffalo and deer in the lush and beautiful meadows that are abundant with wildflowers late into the summer. As the day progresses billowing clouds form and we are often treated to spectacular lighting storms, rainbows and the most dramatic skies ever. Sunsets at the various overlooks are often the most unique and impressive. The solitude, quietness and grandeur of these glorious views can be quite overwhelming and the photographic possibilities are endless. This is the place to capture nature on a truly grand scale. We will be staying in cabins right at the rim and dining at the historic North Rim Lodge. Our mornings will start early with sunrise shoots along the rim. Certified Adobe Instructor, Suzanne Mathia, will teach you the best techniques for capturing memorable, creative and unique images. Each day after breakfast we will meet for our classroom sessions. In daily sessions, Suzanne will teach you Lightroom’s productive and efficient workflow from importing, sorting, cataloging, archiving, and editing thru image processing and RAW conversion. Each participant will have ample hands-on time to master Lightroom’s simple but effective tools and learn about its ability to elegantly interface with Photoshop. Adobe Lightroom is one of the most important software programs for digital photographers. Developed specifically for photographers, the file management, image processing, & RAW conversion capabilities of Lightroom are unsurpassed. The Lightroom concept is to provide a more user friendly, efficient end-to-end workflow within one program that includes editing, optimizing, cataloging, and output, allowing the photographer to spend less time in front of the computer and more time actually taking pictures. In the late afternoon, after a little down time, we will depart for our sunset shoots. We will be travelling to some of the most beautiful overlooks including: •Cape Royal •Walhalla Overlook •Cape Final •Roosevelt Point •Point Imperial •Bright Angel Point