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From the famous Grand Canyon, to the sweeping scenes of Monument Valley, the southwest has some of North America's most amazing landscapes. This is a legendary and timeless land rich in beauty and history. Journey with award-winning photographer Colleen Miniuk-Sperry as you learn to photograph the west's most breathtaking landmarks. Our trip begins amongst the blazing red rocks of Sedona. Red Rock Crossing provides an excellent view of famed Cathedral Rock in front of a meandering stream and lush groves. You will be able to photograph from late afternoon through sunset, after which a full moon should rise. Colleen will guide you in photographing throughout the changing light. Our next stop will be Slide Rock State Park where you will photograph the slippery natural water slide as it careens through the rocks. No southwestern tour would be complete without the Grand Canyon. Natural light creates a spectacular show as it dances on the layered rock. Colleen is an expert at photographing the canyon and will be able to lead you to the perfect place to capture the play of light. Experience the expansive view from several vantage points as we travel from Maricopa Point to Yaki Point. We will travel northeast to Page, where we will encounter stunning beauty on the Colorado Plateau including Horseshoe Bend, Waterhole Canyon and Lower (Slot) Antelope. These mystical sandstone formations were carved by ancient rivers and offer a rainbow array of color lit by narrow beams of light that cascade along the canyon walls. The twisting walls and unique light can make slot canyons difficult to photograph, but our photographer will show you how to use these elements to your advantage. Monument Valley is yet another treasure of the west that we will have the opportunity to photograph on our journey. We will visit many of the key locations in the valley, such as North Window, John Ford Point, Artist Point, and the world famous buttes the Mittens. We will catch the spindly, towering Totem rock formations as they are lit by the glorious southwestern sunrise. From Monument Valley we will travel to Canyon De Chelly, the ancient home of the Navajo where we will capture scenic images along at Spider Rock and Tsegi Overlooks. Come along for the trip of a lifetime as we explore the Southwest's greatest wonders. Learn incredible new skills and techniques, and come home with breathtaking photographs.