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Situated on 1300 acres in Eastern Arizona, in the shadow of Escudilla Mountain, lies the Sipe White Mountain Wildlife Area, an area abundant in wildlife and hummingbirds including the broad-tailed, rufous, calliope and black-chinned, that tend to migrate through the area during the summer monsoon season. In addition to hummers, this area explodes with high-country wildflowers giving you a chance to photograph both beautiful blossoms and hummers sipping their nectar. Each day, your naturalist and expert wildlife photographer, Bruce Taubert, will have prime viewing and high-speed lighting stations setup to capture the magnificance of the many winged-creatures in the area. Strategically placed hummingbird feeders will provide close range photography opportunties. Hummingbirds are some of the most amazing creatures to photograph. Their aerodynamic flight allows them to fly up, down, forward, backward and sideways, always giving photographers a thrill to capture. Their high metabolism and rapid wing speed requires an abundance of nectar to sustain their flight. An apple orchard and creek inside the wildlife area provides a wonderful habitat for these colorful beauties as they migrate through Arizona's high country. August in Arizona's high country may give way to some great monsoon photo opportunities. If conditions are right, we may find ourselves shooting the landscape with dramatic monsoon clouds hovering over the mountains and wildflowers. So join Bruce in Arizona's High-Country for a spectacular summer photo workshop.