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Ready to jump into digital cameras? Our Photo Fundamentals will walk you through your digital camera and all of its modes, dials and settings. In a small group setting, you can finally understand stops of light and how it applies to shutter speeds and f-stops. Through in class photo shoots, you will apply these exposure settings read your histogram and use your menus effectively. Bring your camera, camera manual and a fully charged battery to make the most of this hands-on workshop lead by Northern Arizona University's Photography Lecturer, Amy Horn. After this class you will understand how cameras operate and apply these exposure settings to your photography. You will see how different lenses can change the look of your image and how important post-production software programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture are to high-quality digital images. Review how to download images and recognize the differences between RAW, JPEG, TIFF and PSD files.