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Ever dreamed about what it would be like to leave your current job and be a full-time photographer? Do you wonder if you are ready to pursue your own photography business? Do you feel like you're ready to make the leap, but need some additional confidence and direction to do so? Before you trade in your badge for the life you have always wanted as a freelancer, join Corporate-America-turned-fulltime-professional photographer Colleen Miniuk-Sperry for this intensive seminar aimed at bringing your professional photography aspirations to fruition. During this two-day jam-packed classroom session, interactive discussions and classroom exercises help put an actionable structure to the ideas you have for your own your photography business, whether that be to sell prints on the weekend at art shows, start a new career, or inject new life into your existing photo business. On Saturday, Colleen will start with a discussion about what it's truly like to be an entrepreneur in the highly competitive photo industry, which is alive and well with a broad variety of opportunities awaiting the ambitious. Then, she'll review the various pieces of "The Business Pie," entrepreneurs need to focus on to ensure success, sharing key strategies and techniques to successfully manage and juggle Legal, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, and Research & Development activities simultaneously. Considering these aspects, Colleen will help you define your own niche as a photographer, exploring why you photograph, identifying the purpose of your work, and understanding what unique skills, products, and services you can bring to the table for a variety of potential clients. On Sunday, we'll work on creating a picture of your ideal photography business and define "SMART" goals – ones that are "Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, and Tangible" – that will lay the foundation for almost a half day of hands-on business planning activities. To conclude the session, Colleen will share key tips for maintaining and evolving your photography business over time to enable long-term success. By the end of this intense 2-day working session, students will leave with clear goals and an implementable business plan that captures specific action items to help take their photography endeavors to the next profitable level. Though this session is focused on the nuances and intricacies of the nature photography industry, the skills and knowledge gained could also be applied to other photographic domains.